Art Shows, Family, and Fried Apple Pies

So last weekend we went to SC to visit my Mom for a belated Mother’s Day celebration and Grant played music for my Sis‘ art show at the coolest art studios in SC!

We always eat way too much as my Mom loves to cook for us. She is a food pusher and has real success with us. All the beautiful summer veggies are in season now plus, she has a fancy new kitchen which made it great fun.

Mom and I spent one afternoon trying to make my Grandmother’s recipe for fried apple pies! I made my usual pie dough. She used dried apples (like Nana used to do) and reconstituted them with some water, cinnamon, and sugar. I was worried that because I use butter and no shortening or lard in my dough that they might not fry up well. I had been thinking about this for awhile and wondered how baking them would turn out. Mom thinks I am weird but went along with me and I baked half and she fried half. Grant and I liked the baked ones best and called those turnovers. I noticed the rest of the family gravitated towards the fried ones. Both were quite delicious! I am anxious to try these with peaches this summer!


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