SO, part of the reason for starting a blog is to finally have a place to put all my over-obsessive photos of food. Another reason is to have a place to keep up with the meals we cook. Since we aren’t good recipe followers and tend to make up our own concoctions, we often forget what we make. This will hopefully serve as a reminder of meals worth repeating.

Grant had lots of afternoon gigs this week so I did lots more cooking! I have been obsessed with these new mushrooms at The Turnip Truck. They are beech mushrooms, I think. They are organic and oh, so delicious (and very cute).

They inspired me to make an Asian comfort-food meal. I sauteed sliced onions in coconut oil with some mushroom soy sauce (from the Interasian Market- not the cleanest of ingredients but so yummy!). Then I cut up some chicken breasts. (We try to always support Springer Mountain Farms chicken – it is the BEST and it is from Georgia. It is the only chicken that has been awarded the Humane Society certification. It also tastes super fresh and very tender.)

Next I sliced all my mushrooms, using the special little ones and also some crimini, and threw them in with the onions and chicken. I added a little chicken stock, some tamari, a little cooking sherry, and white pepper. I then thickened the sauce with a little tapioca starch. We had some left over brown rice, just enough for the two of us, so I heated that up and served the chicken and mushrooms on top of that.

We had some cabbage that needed to be eaten so I shredded it up finely with a red pepper and made a hot cole slaw. I used brown sugar, fresh garlic, some vinegar, a little hot sauce, black pepper, and a little sea salt and sauteed it up in grape seed oil. I can’t remember where we originally saw this idea but it makes a great side dish to accompany Asian food.

Viola! Nothing fancy, just some good home-cooked Asian food served up with our favorite hot sauces and a glass of wine.


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