I’ve Got Big Stories to Report, Coming Soon…

Nashville- February 28, 2010

Paella Party post coming soon! I’ve rounded up the friends, will be cleaning the house and planning the menu this week… And, got some great music events planned for this week. Oh, and also, I met Jessi Colter last night. How is that for a classic Nashville experience?!


One thought on “I’ve Got Big Stories to Report, Coming Soon…

  1. Hey Catherine, I FOUND YOUR BLOG!! Now I’m hungry!!! Wow, this is great…I’m ready to head to Austin for 16-20 tacos!! Then off to Ginny’s or Gruene’s. Great info, pics and writing!! Looks like you guys do some serious cooking!! I’m a bit of a stove/grill hound myself…I’m definitely gonna have to try some of your recipes.

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